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BSSPD Coltene Early Career Award (formerly undergraduate award)

This award is made to members who are within 12 months of qualification, or undergraduates in their final year of study. They are required to produce a case report involving significant prosthodontic treatment. The scope of the award is such that cases involving either fixed or removable prosthodontic treatment are considered. The award includes the following:

  • An award to the value of £500 to the recipient
  • A certificate presented by Coltene
  • Attendance at the BSSPD conference as a guest of BSSPD. The successful candidate will be required to present their work as a poster demonstration.


The British Society of Prosthodontics, in association with Coltene, offers an annual award to early career members who have managed a patient requiring significant Prosthodontic treatment, joint applications are not acceptable.

The Award consists of a monetary award of £500 together with a certificate awarded to the successful applicant.

Applicants for this award are required to submit a summary of a case that has required fixed or removable prosthodontic treatment and the applicant must have had substantial direct involvement in the prosthodontic care of the case presented. The application should include sufficient information relating to the clinical care of the case together with appropriate Figures and Legends that help to illustrate how the case was managed, together with the candidates reflection on the outcome of the prosthodontic treatment. Please email the awards administrator with your submission. The submission must be made in electronic poster format (portrait orientation).

The Award will be made on the recommendation of the Awards Administrator. The decision on the Award is final and appeals are not allowed. The successful candidate will be asked to present their poster at the BSSPD Annual Conference as a guest of the society, for which reasonable financial support will be available from BSSPD.

The Society may withhold the award if it is considered that entries are not of sufficient merit.

The deadline for applications is 6th January 2023 and should be made to


 Har-Amrit Singh

Above: The winner of the 2022 Coltene Early Career award was Har-Amrit Singh for his submission "Prosthodontic Management & Full Mouth Rehabilitation of a Patient with Severe Tooth Wear – A Case Report"

Previous winners:

  • Mr D Else (1990)
  • Miss J Smith (1991)
  • Miss M Bijlani (1992)
  • Miss J Malik (1994)
  • Miss W Crompton (1995)
  • Miss C Pase (1996)
  • Miss C Reece, Miss L Rice (1997)
  • Miss LJ Betts, Miss A Shah (1998)
  • Miss B Patel, Mr N Babayem (1999)
  • Mr Aleshaiker, Mr Toner (2000)
  • Mr N Cosgrove (2001)
  • Miss M O'Connor (2002)
  • Mr Amish Patel (2003)
  • Miss Kate Hendrick (2004)
  • Ms Maeve O'Sullivan (2006)
  • Eamon Howard-Bowles (2008)
  • Helen Rogers (2010)
  • Mariam Azmi and Ola Hassan (2011)
  • Raghav Munjal (2014)
  • Rikhil Ruparelia (2015)
  • Dhiresh Raithatha (2017)
  • Shazia Parveen (2018)
  • Hannan Imran (2019)
  • Matt Ellis (2020)
  • Har-Amrit Singh (2022)