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Platinum Sponsors

We are very grateful to the sponsorship of the companies listed below which have supported our excellent range of national speakers for 2019.

Align Technology
Global presence. Local reach.
The iTero Element® intraoral scanner is a product of Align Technology, a global company committed to helping individual doctors and labs achieve success in practice by creating healthy, beautiful smiles for their patients. By driving innovation in digital dentistry, we help to modernize today’s practices by replacing physical impressions, taking your treatment planning online, and creating the potential to enable and improve your clinical experience across almost every type of dental treatment offered.

We are the voice of dentists and dental students in the UK. We have been protecting dentists since 1880. We bring dentists together, support our members through advice and education, and represent their interests.

To achieve the results your patients deserve, you need predictable products based on innovation and science for every phase of implant therapy. This is why delivering solutions that have been extensively tested and clinically proven to provide life-long function and aesthetics remains our top priority.

DENTSPLY Implants is based on a solid foundation of over 40 years of expertise, knowledge and experience in all relevant fields and technologies of implant dentistry. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions for all phases of implant therapy includes support and services designed for your continued professional and practice development in a true partnership approach

Our solutions are unique in their support of the implant treatment process from beginning to end. They allow you the freedom to create predictable and lasting patient-specific outcomes and are designed to help make it easier to achieve reliable long-term function and aesthetics, restoring quality of life and happiness to your patients.

We are a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: To help patients, do more, feel better, live longer.

Solvay Dental 360
Solvay Dental 360™ is built upon Solvay Group's world-leading high-performance polymer portfolio, which includes over 35 brands available in over 1,500 formulations for use in demanding applications, including medical devices, around the world. This extensive portfolio allows Solvay — a 150-year-old global chemical and advanced materials company — to provide the right polymer for the right application. We engineer products that meet critical performance requirements to address the unmet needs of medical professionals and patients.

Southern Implants
At Southern Implants, expertise in research, development and manufacturing of dental implants allow us to provide innovative solutions for everyday implant challenges. We offer a broad range of implants and restorative components that work seamlessly with existing systems while offering unique, innovative features that simplify the most complex challenges. Southern Implants' innovative approach is epitomised by the MAX and Co-Axis implants. The MAX tapered dental implant system is the first to allow for immediate placement into a multi-rooted molar extraction site, while the co-axis implant is the first threaded dental implant with a 12, 24 or 36-degree angled correction.



Our Main Sponsor


Today we are a modern, thriving, global network of medical professionals with memberships approaching 25,000 professionals who live and work in more than 100 countries around the world. 15,000 of these live and work in the UK and 80% of that figure are based in England and Wales. Our membership includes people at every stage of their career, from medical students through to trainees, consultants and those who have retired from practice.

With our interest in professional standards, the College’s primary role – and the main concern of our Fellows and Members - is to ensure the safety of our patients and provide them with the best possible care. We do this by championing the highest standards of surgical and dental practice; through our provision of courses and educational programmes, training, examinations and Continuous Professional Development; our liaison with external medical bodies; and by influencing healthcare policy across the UK.