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Professor Janice Ellis

Title: "The older edentulous patient; understanding the difficulties and treating successfully"

Aims: TBC

I am a graduate of Newcastle University and in August 2014 was promoted to a personal Chair in Dental Education.  I am currently the Director of Dental Education in Newcastle School of Dental Sciences  While my research started in Periodontology and specifically drug-induced gingival overgrowth my interests broadened to include the connection between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease and the impact of edentulousness and the effects of conventional and implant supported overdentures on this and patient satisfaction. As part of this research, I have been prominent in a number of studies including the ability of implant supported overdentures to facilitate dietary change, the influence of aesthetics on patient’s acceptance, comparison on different attachment systems, the uptake of technology by practitioners, patterns of adaptation to denture wearing, eating related quality of life and decision making in relation to provision of high-cost dental interventions such as implants. My research interests now lie largely in Dental Education. I am currently the chair of Dental Schools Council Education Committee.

I am a past President of BSSPD and am delighted to be involved in this Autumn meeting of the Society.




Janice Ellis