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Tooth or Titanium

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Kings College Hospital
Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry, Peninsula Dental School

Wednesday 15th February 2023 7.30pm UK time

Aims and Objectives: 

  • To appreciate the dynamic between endodontics and implants especially in the anterior dentition
  • To understand how the need for endodontic treatment can impact on future implant provision and vice versa
  • To realise that the timing of treatment for either modality has a bearing on the outcome
  • To recognise the multiple prosthodontic options available for the management of the traumatised or endodontically compromised dentition

GDC development outcome: C


Aws Alani

Since qualifying from KCL in 2003, Aws has published over 40 peer reviewed papers, book chapters and textbooks and maintains an active interest in current clinical issues and research. He has won grants from the British Endodontic Society and the Royal College of Surgeons to examine novel tooth filling materials with associated patents. He is a previous British Society of Restorative Dentistry and British Endodontic Society council member and prize winner. He completed a Master’s Degree in Medical Law in 2017 from Cardiff University. He is the course director for the Diploma in Operative Dentistry at KCL, which looks to upskill in a multifaceted manner through seminars, hands-on simulated exercises and clinical treatment. He is also Associate Professor in Restorative Dentistry at Peninsula Dental School, delivering part of their online MSc in Restorative Dental Science. 

His blog, started in 2017: has 250k hits and is accessed by dentists from all over the world. He has collaborated in developing the SHO:me and Perio:brain apps for clinical usage.