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Clinical Dental Photography – Recording Reality; A Guide to Good Practice

Speaker: Dr Rachel Jackson

Friday 29th September 2023 7:30 – 8:30pm

Gain foundational photographic knowledge and technical/practical tips to produce high-quality images for a range of clinical situations.


  • Understand the role that clinical photography has in improving patient outcomes
  • Gain an understanding of photographic theory and terminology
  • Better understand equipment selection and camera settings using a DSLR camera kit and how to adjust those depending on the clinical situation and environment.
  • Gain insight into photographic standards for orthodontic views, cleft lip and palate, soft tissue disease recording, trauma and ongoing monitoring.
  • Understand the photographic consent process, the legal and ethical requirements and recognise your role and responsibilities and the role of other team members in the production and storage of clinical photographs.

Development outcomes covered A B C

Who this session is for – Ideally suited to both the general dental practitioner and hospital dentists wishing to better understand photography as a core clinical illustrative and communication method as part of the healthcare process to benefit patients.


Rachel Jackson

Rachel Jackson is a qualified medical Illustrator/ photographer and member of the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI).  Also, a practicing general dentist in Aberdeen and clinical teaching fellow at the Institute of Dentistry Aberdeen. Rachel has been involved in the teaching of clinical dental photography for many years through NHS Education Scotland and looks to support the dental profession through sharing her knowledge and the values of IMI.