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'Cosmetic Zone' Treatment - Challenges and Practical Solutions

Speaker: Dean Barker, Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Aberdeen BDS DDS FDSRCSEd FDS(Rest Dent)RCSEd

Thursday 27th November 2014

Learning aims and objectives

Dean has kindly agreed to present a bsspd webinar on the provision of implant treatment within the anterior cosmetic zone with practical clinical solutions to common problems. Dean will tackle the dilemma of immediate or delayed implant placement within the cosmetic zone and the assessment of gingival soft-tissue and lip form. He will discuss his approach to soft and hard tissue grafting in the cosmetic zone. Treatment planning of placing implants next to heavily restored natural teeth can be difficult - Dean will offer some and advice for the delegates on this dilemma. He will also outline his approach to deciding whether fixed or removable implant supported prostheses are most appropriate and the role of pink acrylic and ceramic.