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The Prosthodontic - Periodontal Interface

Speaker: Ulpee Darbar, Eastman Dental Hospital and Institute UCLH NHS Foundation Trust. BDS MSc FDS (Rest Dent) RCS FHEA

Thursday 15th January 2015

Learning aims and objectives

Ulpee has kindly agreed to provide a bsspd Webinar on the Periodontal - Prosthodontic interface. Sound periodontal foundation health is essential for successful Prosthodontics and Ulpee will discuss how this is best achieved. She will provide an update on pre-prosthodontic periodontal techniques to include: crown lengthening surgery, soft-tissue grafting, bone regeneration around natural teeth and implants. She will also discuss the modern role of periodontal surgery and the implications of this to existing and new restorations on both natural teeth and Implants. Recession and localised muco-gingival defects are common prosthodontic challenge - should these be managed prosthodontically or are there better and more predictable periodontal procedures that are more appropriate? - Hopefully Ulpee will be able to help.