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Materials update for Prosthodontists

Dr Nick Silikas

Thursday 14th December 2017


To describe novel hybrid ceramic materials used in Prosthodontics


  • To characterize hybrid ceramics in terms of their composition
  • To describe several key physico-mechanical properties of hybrid ceramics
  • To discuss how hybrid ceramics compare with existing materials used in Prosthodontics.

 N Silikas

Dr Silikas is a Reader in Dental Biomaterials Science. He is the Director of Graduate Education for all taught and research degress in Dentistry in Manchester. He is also the Postgraduate Research Director of Medical Sciences overseeing over 400 PhD students in six major disciplines (Dentistry, Cardiovascular Sciences, Medical Education, Cancer Sciences, Developmental Biology and Diabetes). He graduated in Chemistry in Manchester and then he completed his Master of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry in Pharmacy. Finally, he obtained his PhD in Dental Materials in Dentistry.