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We promote excellence, training and research in prosthodontics and the society is always actively pursuing new members who have an interest in fixed, removable, implant or maxillofacial prosthodontics. We are one of the oldest of the specialist dental societies in the UK; founded in 1953.

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Free CPD!


We run a series of 8-10 webinars each year featuring key speakers and opinion leaders. These are free for our members and also can be viewed on-demand after the event. Verifiable CPD is awarded for attending the webinars and accessing them on-demain.

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Annual conference

manchester conference

Friday 18th - Saturday 19th March 2016, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

The theme for the conference will be 'Progress & Precision in Prosthodontics', with the aim being to show how advances in technology and greater understanding of disease processes mirror a background and history of precision work.

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Find a prosthodontist

A prosthodontist is a clinician who undertakes prosthodontics the branch of dentistry concerned with the replacement of teeth. Many but not all of our members are dentally qualified clinicians who have such an interest. Many of our members are specialists as recognised by the General Dental Council (GDC).

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YPG study day

Our next Young Practitioners Group study day is to be held on 23rd July 2015 with the aim of providing specialty trainees an opportunity to practice oral examinations and obtain feedback on unseen restorative cases.

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ACCEA citation 2015 round now open

The ACCEA award scheme for 2015 is now open. The ACCEA accept citations for clinical excellence awards from BSSPD for the 2015 round. The latest round of National Clinical Excellence Awards opened on Tuesday 14 April 2015 and will close at 5PM on Wednesday 17 June 2015.

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