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Prof. Eitan Mijiritsky DMD PhD, Dipl. in Prosth.

Associate Professor in Prosthodontics at the Tel-aviv University School of Dental Medicine, Israel

Title: Removable partial dentures in the implant and digital era

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Treatment rationale for the use of Implant-Supported RPDs (ISRPD)
  2. How to plan an ISRPD according to biomechanical forces considerations and remaining dentition
  3. Advantages of ISRPDs
  4. The accuracy of CAD-CAM systems for RPD Vs Conventional techniques

Due to successful preventive procedures and the predictable use of osseointegrated implants the need for removable partial dentures (RPD) has reduced in some parts of the world. However, for a variety of reasons, many patients can continue to benefit from RPD therapy, and these patients deserve the best functional and esthetic results possible. This is especially true when many patients present with large edentulous areas, too few remaining abutment teeth and an unfavorable distribution to provide proper retention, support and esthetics for a conventional RPD.

This presentation describes the evolution of conventional RPD design and execution in the era of implants and digital technologies development, although maintaining the basic principles and fundamentals of RPDs. The clinical strategy that will be described, serves to eliminate the display of the clasp assembly and provide an improved esthetic and functional implants-teeth removable prosthesis by the use of a limited number of strategically placed dental implants.

With this approach, additional retention is achieved, the need for unesthetic buccal retentive arm-clasps is avoided at the esthetic zone and overload of the remaining natural dentition is prevented.

The use of dental implants to improve unfavorable removable partial denture (RPD) design, with no rigid connection between implants and teeth and as few as possible prosthetic elements requirement, is a viable solution for these patients.

The biomechanical rationale for the use of different prosthetic elements such as telescopes, bars, balls and precision attachments will be explained.

The lecture will integrate scientific data available through a few longitudinal  (over 15 years follow-up) studies conducted on this subject by the lecturer and other authors, with clinical observations in a variety of cases that will be critically analized and discussed.

Prof. Eitan Mijiritsky is a graduate of the Tel-aviv University School (1990) of Dental Medicine where he also completed his Postgraduate studies and Specialty with Diploma in Prosthodontics (1996). He has earned his PhD title graded Summa Cum Laude, on the topic of Immediate Loading in oral implantology.

He serves also as the Coordinator of International Academic Affairs of the School of Dental Medicine, Tel-aviv University, Israel 

Prosthodontic Consultor  and Research Coordinator – Dep. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Sourasky Tel-Aviv Medical Center, Israel

Prof. Mijiritsky is the Past President of the Israel Society of Prosthodontics.

Council Member and President Elected of the European Prosthodontic Association - EPA

Visiting Professor at t the Universities of  Pisa in Italy, Universities of Murcia and Granada in Spain and at the Berlin School of Health Sciences in Germany.

Associate Professor in Prosthodontics at the University of Titu Maioresco, Bucarest, Romania.

Board of Directors of  the International Digital Dentistry Society - DDS

DDS Ambassador for Israel

Board of Directors of the intenational implant society - SENAME

Board of Directors at the Bone Biomaterials and Beyond Academy - BBBA

Founder of the Israeli Association of Oral Implantology IAOI


DIPLOMATE of the International College of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

Member of the Editorial Boards of:

  • Journal of Dentistry JD, International Journal of Prosthodontics IJP, Clinical Trials in Dentistry CTD.
  • Associate Editor at "BMC Oral Health", Topic Editor in International Journal of Environmental and Public Health IJERPH, Leading Guest Editor in BioMed Research International.

Prof. Mijiritsky is both a nationally and internationally active keynote lecturer and scientific chairman in hundreds seminars and meetings.

He is the author of  over 125 scientific publications in peer reviewed international journals, related to esthetics and prosthodontics, implants, digital dentistry and bone regeneration.

Heading the "Mijiritsky Dental Experts Center" in Tel-Aviv, Israel.



Eitan Mijiritsky