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Honorary Members

The following have all been awarded Honorary Membership of the BSSPD. This may be conferred upon any person of high standing in the profession of Prosthodontics.

Individuals may be recommended for Honorary Membership of the Society by BSSPD members who should submit their recommendations prior to the Annual Conference to the Honorary Secretary for consideration by the BSSPD Council.

  • Professor Tomas Albrektsson
  • Dr Michael Barsby
  • Prof Craig Barclay
  • Mr Stewart Barclay
  • Professor Robin Basker
  • Professor Ian Benington
  • Dr John Besford
  • Professor Mike Braden
  • Professor Robert Clark
  • Professor John Davenport
  • Mrs Shelagh Farrell
  • Mr Peter Farrelly
  • Professor Jocelyne Feine
  • Dr Arnold Franks
  • Mr Peter Frost
  • Dr Paul Geissler
  • Professor Per-Olof Glantz
  • Professor Alan Grant
  • Professor Alan Harrison
  • Professor Robin Heath
  • Professor John Hobkirk
  • Mr Robert Howell
  • Professor Alan Lawson
  • Dr Peter Likeman
  • Mr Leslie Manderson
  • Professor Fraser McCord
  • Professor Frauke Müller
  • Mr Bill Murphy
  • Dr Alan Ogden
  • Professor Jim Ralph
  • Dr Brian Schottlander
  • Dr Brendan Scott
  • Dr Phil Smith
  • Professor Derek Stafford
  • Professor Roy Storer
  • Professor Phil Taylor
  • Professor Damien Walmsley
  • Professor Roger Watson
  • Dr Ian Watson
  • Mr Richard Welfare
  • Dr David Williams
  • Dr Johan Wolfaardt
  • Mr Martin Woodhead
  • Professor Paul Wright
  • Professor Bob Yemm
  • Dr George Zarb

Cost - £0 per annum


  • Membership of the Society
  • Free Access to Live webinars
  • Access to CPD archives
  • Subscription to the EJPRD Journal (online)
  • Reduced rates for Conferences