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Officers and Members of the BSSPD Council

Officers and co-opted members

Council Members

  • 2019-2022: Mr Richard Crosby, Mr Simon Ellis
  • 2020-2023: Dr Rajesh Dubal, Dr Swati Nehete, Dr Raelene Sambrook
  • 2021-2024: Dr Stephanie King
  • StR Representative: Mr Oliver Jones

Society Administrative Manager

Continuing Professional Education

  • BSSPD Council


  • Dr Rob McAndrew

Data Protection

  • Mrs K Berridge

EPA Joint National Committee

  • Mr R D Welfare

SAC in Restorative Dentistry

  • Miss Pamela Yule and Mr Simon Ellis

Advisory Board in Restorative Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

  • Mr Simon Ellis

BSI Dental Implant Committee

  • Prof John Hobkirk

Need to contact us?

If you need to contact the BSSPD or any of our officers and members of council please go to the contact us page.

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