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Schottlander Prizes

The BSSPD, in association with Schottlander offers two annual prizes for the advancement of knowledge in Prosthetic Dentistry.

The main prize will be awarded for an Oral Presentation delivered to the Annual Conference of the Society and is for £750. There is one prize available each year.

Schottlander also provide a prize for the best Poster Display. This takes the form of a cash award of £150 for a single winner. If the judges recommend that the prize should be awarded to two posters, the cash award would be £100 each.

Prize winners will receive a certificate and are normally invited to a dinner hosted by Brian Schottlander.

Applicants for either prize should submit an abstract relating to their application (500 words maximum) via the annual conference part of the website.

Oral winners
The Schottlander Oral Prize was awarded in 2018 to both Mr Ioannis Papadpoulos (left) from Royal London Dental Hospital for his presentation on "Bone grafting needs for hypodontia patients undergoing dental implant treatment at a UK Dental Hospital", and also Mr Chris Butterworth from Liverpool Dental Hospital for his presentation "Primary vs secondary zygomatic implant placement in head and neck cancer patients - a 10 year prospective study". The prize presentation was made by Brian Schottlander.

The Schottlander Poster Prize was awarded to Mr Andreas Chatzipantelis from Cardiff University Dental Hospital who presented his poster "A comparative audit in the failure rate between traditional fabricated and CAD/CAM designed and selective laser sintering (SLS) manufactured Co/Cr frames at Cardiff University Dental Hospital.

poster winner


Brian Schottlander

The BSSPD is greatly indebted to the continued support of Dr Brian Schottlander (above). He and his company have been a longstanding supporter of the society for over twenty years and his keen personal interest in the development of increasing knowledge in prosthodontics for the benefit of patients has been an effective driving force to spur on researchers and clinicians to present for the BSSPD Schottlander Prizes.