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Kulzer Undergraduate Award

This award is made for the best critical review received by BSSPD, on a subject of the applicants choosing, related to Prosthodontics. The prize takes the form of a monetary award of £250 together with a certificate. The recipient of the award will be invited to the BSSPD Annual Conference as a guest of the society.


  • Candidates must be undertaking undergraduate studies in dentistry and should not possess a dental qualification. No individual may win the award more than once.
  • Candidates must submit a critical review of a topic of their choice related to Prosthodontics as a word document. The use of References, Figures and Tables should conform to accepted guidelines for publication. Generally, look at the formats used for papers in Dental Journals e.g BDJ, EJPRD. What is more important is that the format used is applied consistently throughout the submission. There is no specific word limit.
  • The award will be made on the recommendation of the Awards Administrator following assessment of the critical review. The decision on the Award is final and appeals are not allowed
  • The award may be withheld should entries not be of sufficient merit.

The deadline for applications is Midnight on 31st January 2025.

To apply, please send either a PDF or word document by email to the


Emily Thomas

The winner of the 2024 Kulzer award was Emily Thomas from UCLAN for her essay entitled "Do intra-oral scanners offer a greater degree of precision and accuracy compared with their conventional cognate: Effect of implant angulation".

Previous winners:

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  • Mr C Louca (1987)
  • Mr GB Bradshaw (1988)
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  • Miss Harrison (1999)
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  • Mr James Stafford (2003)
  • Gillian Collins (2004)
  • Kate Preston (2005)
  • Claire Harwood (2006)
  • Laura Coyle (2007)
  • Kathryn Bebb (2008)
  • Ambika Chadha (2009)
  • Krista Siddall (2010)
  • Kathryn Webster (2011)
  • Hannah Kerr (2013)
  • Rhodri Thomas (2014)
  • Greg Herbert (2015)
  • Danny Watts (2016)
  • Hannah McCall (2017)
  • Ali Nasser (2018)
  • Nikki Rostami (2019)
  • Nasir Bashir (2020)
  • Peter Mears (2021)
  • Aliza Khan (2023)
  • Emily Thomas (2024)