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Welcome from Phil Taylor

I am writing to you as the 65th President of our specialist Prosthodontic society, I am reflecting on this great honour you, as a membership, have bestowed on  me as I prepare to travel as your representative to the 100th meeting of the American Academy of Prosthodontics which is meeting in Chicago where it first originated in 1918. By coincidence their President is another Taylor but no relation.

We have made great strides in recent years in maintaining the society as a vibrant and contemporaneous society whose membership ranges across all spectrums of clinical practice so we can improve the knowledge and skills of our membership. It is my role to build on the excellent recent conferences and it would be remiss of me to not thank our past President, Phil Smith for a fantastic conference in Liverpool.  With the challenge of keeping the Society as the leading voice for UK Prosthodontics in mind I am discussing with the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners about organising a joint conference to hopefully expose their membership to the excellent facilities we can offer to complement their work in raising standards in General Practice. We already have acknowledgement that the DCT’s for London can come along on the Friday so this really is an opportunity to showcase the Society in all its aspects from education to friendly interaction.

The meeting in 2019 will be held at the Royal College of Physicians in Regents Park London. It is a great venue with lots of space to interact outside the official presentations with friends and the Trade. Already I have secured Professor Terry Donovan as the keynote speaker with a host of well-known UK names to support him.  The title is ‘Managing the Heavily Restored Dentition – Profitability, Patient Expectations and Reality?’ so is very much aligned to the practitioner working at the coal face in the challenging world of replacement dentistry. There are a good range of hotels in the vicinity with prices to suit everyone.

In 2018 we trialled not having a formal dinner and went for a mixer event. The College of Physicians can do something similar with a buffet in the library which I hope will attract many of the delegates to meet friends over good food in relaxed atmosphere.

The educational side of the Society is a major part of our existence and the Webinars are proving very successful to all members but particularly to the trainees who again have sold out our ISFE / MRD/ M Pros examination practice session held at Barts and The London. Again we have to thank Kushal Ghadia who has this year relinquished the role of Early Practitioner lead to Michael Myint and Jonathon Dixon who I am confident will be great ambassadors for the Society.

To conclude I would like to thank the Council and you as members for your continued support.

Phil Taylor, President, British Society of Prosthodontics



Phil taylor

Above: The inauguration of the President at the 65th Annual Conference. The new President, Professor Phil Taylor received his chain of office from the outgoing President, Dr Phil Smith.

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