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Welcome from Lorna McCaul

I would like to thank you for the tremendous honour and privilege of representing you as President for the forthcoming year. It comes with a responsibility to take the Society forwards into the next decade in rather uncertain times.

I am particularly honoured to be the third female president of BSSPD in the 66 years since its inception, the first two being Angela Fletcher in 1992 and Janice Ellis in 2013.  This has given me cause to reflect on the other women who have inspired me in the course of my career. The many female clinical colleagues, managers, dental nurses, chief executives, dental and maxillofacial technicians I have worked with over the years. Of course I have also been inspired and supported by men too but there is still a relative under-representation of women in high profile and senior academic positions and in the teaching and delivery of implant surgery. I suspect this is partly due to a lack of opportunity and perhaps even lack of self-belief. Given that our Dental Schools are producing a majority of female graduates, the question is what can we all do to support and encourage inclusivity? Personally, I am encouraged to see how the workplace has evolved in my working lifetime. The opportunity to train flexibly was key to me becoming a Consultant and one for which I will always be thankful.

My aim is to be mindful that the output of this organisation should be reflective of its diverse membership.

I would like to pay tribute to my predecessor, Phil Taylor He ran a successful, educational and very enjoyable conference in London with a high quality line up of speakers and is a very hard act to follow! Indeed, I am indebted to all the past Presidents and their teams who have sustained BSSPD, the oldest of the ‘Restorative’ Societies, helping it to evolve and thrive over the years but always maintaining the key focus of maintaining standards of excellence in Prosthodontics.

As always, the educational side of BSSPD is vibrant and the webinars continue to be a resounding success.  More are planned over the forthcoming year. BSSPD began as a study club and it is fitting that the webinars are such a key part of the year’s activities. More webinars are planned this year.

The Early Practitioner Group, ably led by Michael Myint and Jonnie Dixon, has been very active. They recently delivered another successful and popular ISFE/MRD/MPros examination practice day.

Many of you will be aware that there have been discussions ongoing with our sister organisations, RD-UK, SRRDG and BSRD, regarding closer working. Many of us have mutual membership with these organisations and in these straitened times it seemed sensible to explore our options. The challenge (and this is a delicate path to tread) is to reap the many benefits of closer working whilst not losing the strong and long-established identity and focus of our highly successful Society.  I am grateful for the guidance and wisdom of Council in this endeavour.

Following a series of ‘coming together’ meetings of the Leaders (current, future and immediate past) of the four organisations, we have agreed to trial some joint conferences. This begins with RD-UK/SRRDG/BSRD in the Autumn of 2019 and continues in 2020 with a joint conference of BSSPD/RD-UK/SRRDG/BSRD in Spring 2020. This will be held in Glasgow on 25, 26, 27 March 2020 so save the dates! The theme for the 2020 Conference will be on improving outcomes for patients through collaboration as we felt this reflected the spirit of what we are trying to achieve. Hopefully this will mean less pressure on study leave budgets and less time away from clinical practice, and improved opportunities to engage industry support and quality speakers. We plan to have content that will appeal to Specialists and GDPs alike so watch this space!

It promises to be a busy and exciting year and I would really love to hear any ideas, comments or feedback you have. Please do get in touch!




Above: The inauguration of the President at the 66th Annual Conference. The new President, Dr Lorna McCaul received her chain of office from the outgoing President, Professor Phil Taylor.

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