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Welcome from Suresh Nayar

My dear friends and colleagues

Thank you for the honour and privilege to be your President for 2022-23. It is a great recognition for me, and I am acutely aware that I am now part of the list of hallowed persons. It is probably self-evident, but there are many firsts with my election. I am told that I am also the second non-resident President! (The other being Prof Per-Olaf Glantz)

In spite of the pandemic, we have had several achievements in the past and I am looking to build on them and more. In my presidential year, I am hoping to achieve among others the following:

To increase the BSSPD membership both in UK and internationally. One of the advantages that I have is the international network that I have built over the years and which I am hoping to put to use for BSSPD. I am hoping to have memorandum of understandings and affiliate memberships with other international organisations and hoping to attract members from the US, middle east, India, and the Asian continent. I must acknowledge the efforts of the past president in creating work committee which I am hoping to carry on and to build on. We will also be very visible on our social media platforms!

I believe education is the cornerstone of a professional organization and this will be my main area of focus. To that end, along with the successful webinar series, we will be looking at restarting our road shows which have been very popular. We will also be scaling up our social media platforms to reflect the educational drive.

With the ghost of the pandemic past us and in-person meetings the norm, I am organizing our annual conference in the heart of Birmingham on March 24,25, 2023. The theme of my conference is “One World, One Prosthodontics”. I have had the privilege of working in India, the middle east, UK and now in Canada. I have experienced first-hand the differences but also the similarities in prosthodontics across the world. With that in mind, I have in store for you, a fantastic line up of international speakers with topics covering fixed, removable, implants and maxillofacial prosthodontics. And for the first time in BSSPD history, we will be conducting a preconference workshop on Leadership – it is called “Future Leaders in Prosthodontics” on March 22,23,2023. We are all asked to lead every day in one fashion or another! This workshop is catering to “leadership” concept that is relevant to each and every one of you and especially for the Prosthodontists of tomorrow!

I am bringing in my cultural background and putting a new twist to the conference dinner. Delegates will be welcomed by a Bhangra dance performance (Bhangra is a Punjabi folk dance with a rhythmic drum beat and lively dance). The cuisine will be Indian, and this will be followed by a Bollywood dance performance.

I know that within the restorative field there are numerous conferences that one can attend and numerous calls on your purse. However, for 2023, if there is one conference you want to go, to get the best of scientific knowledge, from the best in the world, and to have a fabulous social evening, come to the BSSPD conference 2023 –24,25 of March at the Millennium Point in Birmingham. I look forward to welcoming you all to the Millennium Point, Birmingham.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me or to any on Council with your views. This is your BSSPD!

Thank you

Suresh Nayar