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Welcome from Robert McAndrew

Dear Colleagues,

It is my honour to serve as your Society’s President for 2020–21, and I hope you will feel free to reach out to me during this time with any of your thoughts about the Society. During my tenure it is my intention to work closely with Council and continue to develop and grow our core values.  The position of President comes as a great privilege and I am humbled to step into the footsteps of so many respected colleagues and good friends.  I hope to serve the Membership and the Society well and can only promise to do my best for both.  I am very cognisant of the fact that it is the membership who are the lifeblood of the society and that Council is honoured to serve you.

Covid19 has had a significant impact on all aspects of society as a whole but that challenges have also been experienced with clinical dental practice, academic teaching and service delivery across many sectors.  The challenges posed so far have been far reaching and this includes our beloved Society; I am certain that the impact will be felt for years to come.  However I would like to assure you that Council and I will do our best to get through whatever comes our way and will continue to deliver, promote and carry out the services expected of us.  As a society we are strong, resolute and well informed.  It is my solemn belief that the Society is in the best place to deliver opinion, advice and guidance when required.  As an individual member of the Society I would like to assure you that your views on relevant matters are invaluable and that you should feel capable of making representation of such without prejudice.  I am only ever an email away; as are other members of council.  To me, the loyalty and support of our membership remains one of the pivotal and principle functions of the Society and ensures its rightful development and progression.

The core functions of the Society remain and it is my intention during my tenure to keep you fully informed on matters relating to the membership and the Society through a regular President’s message.  The first of which I am sure will be eagerly awaited and hopefully confirm what is planned with respect to Educational Delivery through our extremely successful webinar series and future Conference(s).  I would like to assure you that whenever something definite has been agreed or implemented that you will be informed.

To Presidents past and in particular Dr Lorna McCaul, I can only hope to follow in the giant footsteps and preside upon a term of office which will be reflected upon in due course as successful.  Lorna in particular has had to face significant difficulty during her tenure but she leaves the Society in a good place and ready to progress into the future and what it may hold.  The expertise that Council has gained through her period of office is significant and should not go unrecognised.

As mentioned earlier I hope to do my duty but also hope that you as members take solace in the fact that we all remain resolute and acknowledge the great value to being part of this wonderful Society.

With my best wishes for whatever the future holds.

Dr Robert McAndrew



Rob McAndrew

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