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Prof Chris Butterworth

  • Honorary Curator and Awards Administrator

Consultant/ Professor in Maxillofacial Prosthodontics
University of Liverpool

Professor Chris Butterworth is a leading Maxillofacial Prosthodontist based at University Hospital Aintree, one of the largest Head & Neck Cancer centres in Europe. Since his appointment back in 2003, he has built a reputation for innovative care in the field of oral & facial rehabilitation. He is the lead clinician for dental implant treatment at the Dental Hospital and also leads the prosthetic rehabilitation service in Merseyside for the oral & facial rehabilitation of head and neck cancer patients. He has extensive experience in the prosthetic planning, surgical placement and restoration of osseointegrated dental implants and has pioneered the placement of zygomatic implants in Merseyside.

He is actively involved in head & neck cancer research and is co-investigator on the HOPON trial looking at the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen in the prevention of Osteoradionecrosis following surgery in the irradiated mandible.

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