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Schottlander Poster Prize

The Schottlander poster prize is awarded to the best poster at the annual conference. Any topic relating to prosthodontics may be submitted

More usually, this will relate to laboratory or clinically based research, clinical methodology, clinical case presentations or educational research and implementation.

Some previous participants have provided an A4 printed copy of their poster to hand out to conference delegates. This is entirely at the discretion of the participant and is not a requirement.

The closing date is 6th January 2021 and abstracts can be uploaded via the Conference 2021 webpage which will be live in Autumn 2020.

Previous winners of the poster presentation

  • Dr J C Davenport and Mr B Griffiths (1984)
  • Dr J C Davenport and Mrs E A McLaughlin (1985)
  • Dr J C Davenport, Mr B Griffiths and Mr S Bovis (1986)
  • Professor R Yemm, Mr R J Roxby and Mr K C Sturrock (1987)
  • Dr E Adamczyk (1988)
  • Mrs S Witt and Mr P Hart (1989)
  • Mr R D Welfare (1990)
  • Mr D R Radford and Mr A S Juszczyk (1991)
  • Professor R M Basker and Mr B Oliver (1992)
  • Ms J Fiske, D Davis, P Horrocks (1993)
  • Ms C A Mitchell, J Orr, J G Kennedy (1994)
  • Dr A D Walmsley and Mr DJ Pollard (1995)
  • Dr G Hoad Reddick, Prof JF McCord, Prof AA Grant (1996)
  • Mr P M Frost and Mr G F Sinclair (1997)
  • Miss K Leung, TW Chow, E Woo, R Chung, RKF Clark (1996)
  • DMS Wong, YY Chen, TW Chow, RKF Clark (1997)
  • Miss A Al Khabbaz (1998)
  • WE Yau, YY Cheng, TW Chow, RKF Clark (1999)
  • KA Parrott ,D Tinsley, CJ Watson (2000)
  • Mr DG Wildgoose, Mr R Winstanley (2001)
  • Mr P Sellen, Dr D Jagger, Prof A Harrison (2002)
  • Mr P Sellen, Dr D Jagger, Prof A Harrison (2003)
  • A. Radhi, AS Juszczyk, R Curtis, D Radford, R. Clark (2004)
  • J Invest, J Howlett and P Howell (2005)
  • P Howell (2006)
  • J Ellis, PJ Moynihan, A Elfeky, JM Thomason, R Hyland (2007)
  • P Hyde, H Craddock, P. Brunton (2008)
  • S. Rollings (2009)
  • Ms Vasiliki Vlachogianni & Mr Neil Patel (Joint Winners) (2010)
  • Ms Salehi Rabbani (2011)
  • Mr Kevin Mellan (2012)
  • Dr Neha Behl (2013)
  • Dr Ahmed Al-Hilou (2014)
  • Dr Hiren Patel (2015)
  • Mr James Ban (2016)
  • Professor Du-Hyeong Lee (2017)
  • Mr Andreas Chatizpantelis (2018)
  • Mr Ioannis Papadopoulos (2019)

Guidelines for Posters
Posters should be AO (1189mm x 841mm) in size and in portrait form. Poster boards and fixings will be provided at the conference venue.

poster image