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BSSPD In-Training Award

This award is intended to support those in specialist training in Prosthodontics or Restorative Dentistry who are members of BSSPD, to obtain further clinical, audit or research experience in prosthodontics, in a unit away from the one at which they are normally based. The award is worth up to £1500 and can be used to support the cost of travel, accommodation or course fees in relation to a single episode of clinical or research training. The trainee must undertake to produce a report of their activities in relation to this award, in a format that is publishable and submitted to BSSPD.

Previous winners of this award are Andrew Barber (2012), Gerald McKenna (2013), Kushal Gadhia (2014), Joe Vere (2014), Simon Critchlow (2014), Ashish Gopakumar (2016), Conor McLister (2017), Hannah Beddis (2017), John Krezel (2017), Dominic Laverty (2018), Ahmed Al-Hilou (2019), Jennifer Fuller (2020), Patrick Fee (2020) and Thomas Gill (2021).


  • The award is made to those who have been members of BSSPD for at least 2 years and who are in a recognised training post in Prosthodontics or Restorative Dentistry at the time of application. Membership fees must be paid up to date.
  • Applications must be made on this form>> by email to
  • The award is to allow the recipient to undertake a single defined episode of further training in clinical, audit or research related to Prosthodontics. This specifically excludes attendance at conferences.
  • Council are to review the award at appropriate intervals on the advice of the awards administrator.
  • The award would be for the value of up to a maximum of £1500 subject to review as in 3. Above.
  • The award would be part of the remit of the Awards Administrator and would be advertised on the BSSPD website.
  • The award will be made on the recommendation of the Awards Administrator following assessment of the application. The decision on the Award is final and appeals are not allowed
  • Where more than one application is considered worthy of an award the judges reserve the right to make more than one award, and up to a maximum of three.

The deadline for applications is 6th January 2024.