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Schottlander Oral Presentation

The British Society of Prosthodontics, in association with Schottlander, offer an annual prize of £1,000, together with a certificate, to the principal author of an oral presentation given at the annual conference of the society.

All applicants must be current members of the society. Applications for this award are sought from members of the society and especially but not exclusively from those in training positions.

All applicants must submit a structured abstract of their presentation prior to the closing date of Tuesday 31st January 2023 for the shortlisting procedure which will be undertaken by a panel of society judges under the chairmanship of the Awards Administrator.

Up to four successful candidates will be given a conference fee reduction of £100.

Application Procedure

  1. Candidates should upload their structured abstract via the abstract submission page.
  2. The judging panel will review the applications and all applicants will be informed of the outcome
  3. Sucessful candidates will be given a booking reduction code to allow them to access a reduced conference fee.
  4. Candidates will be contacted and advised on how to upload their draft presentation to the judging panel prior to the conference.

Guidance Notes

  • Candidates may present on any topic related to Prosthodontics although some research emphasis should be included where possible 
  • Candidates are required to submit a ppt or pdf file of their draft presentation once requested to do so by the chair of the judging panel. 
  • The candidate must have had a direct involvement in the matter presented and where other clinicians been involved, the extent of their contribution must be acknowledged.
  • Presentations will be of 10 - 20 minutes duration depending on the number of presenters and will be followed by 5-10 minutes of questions by members of the judging panel.

The judges will be looking for:

  • the degree of complexity and innovation involved
  • good research methodology
  • knowledge and understanding of the material presented
  • the clarity and structure of the presentation
  • the candidate's ability to discuss and reflect on the presentation material.

Noushad Rahim

Above: Noushad Rahim who was the winner of the 2022 Schottlander oral prize.

Previous winners:

  • Mr A C Watkinson (1986)
  • Dr C J Watson (1987)
  • Mr P A Jones (1988)
  • Dr J P Newton (1989)
  • Dr V Piddock (1990)
  • Mr J J Collis (1991)
  • Dr M Barsby (1992)
  • Dr H Devlin (1993)
  • Ms C Brookman (1994)
  • Mr C W Barclay (1995)
  • Dr D R Radford (1996)
  • Miss T Leung (1997)
  • Mrs J Haywood (1998)
  • Mr C Stokes (2000)
  • Miss F Kellet (2001)
  • Dr J Morris (2002)
  • Dr P Smith (2003)
  • Dr A Juszczyk (2004)
  • Dr A Johal (2005)
  • Dr H Craddock (2006)
  • Dr D Newsom (2007)
  • Dr J Field (2008)
  • Dr K Gadhia (2009)
  • Mr S Brindley (2010)
  • Mr A Artopoulos (2011)
  • Dr G Brock (2012)
  • Mr G Calvert (2013)
  • Dr G McKenna (2014)
  • Mr A Keeling (2015)
  • Dr V Hannah (2016)
  • Miss J Beaumont (2017)
  • Mr C Butterworth (2018)
  • Mr I Papadopoulos (2018)
  • Dr S Del Monte (2019)
  • Dr Thomas Gill (2020/1)
  • Dr Noushad Rahim (2022)

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