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BSSPD Research Award

The British Society of Prosthodontics is delighted to offer a research prize to support a project related to Prosthodontics. The BSSPD Research Award seeks to support early career researchers in the field of Prosthodontics to undertake high-quality research that benefits patients.

The BSSPD Research Award will be for up to £10,000 and is intended to support research into prosthodontics in the broadest sense.  Applicants should be in early stages of a research or clinical career (i.e. pre-doctoral). Applicants may be working in any field of dentistry, but must have been members of BSSPD for more than one year at the time of application. 

Successful applicants are expected to remain members of BSSPD for 3 years following the award of the grant.  On completion of their research project, successful applicants will be expected to present their research at a BSSPD conference within 2 years.

This grant cannot be used to support post-graduate qualifications and should be spent directly on research-related activity.

The BSSPD Research Award DOES NOT cover: personal salaries and staffing costs, travel or living expenses not related to the research itself (e.g. conference travel), IT equipment which is not directly related to the research project (personal laptops etc) or fees for courses, higher degrees or open-access publication costs.

Applicants are required to arrange or have established formal academic supervision from a university-associated staff member who can support the project.

Members of the BSSPD Committee will assess each application against predetermined criteria.


The closing date for 2024 is Friday 18th October.

To apply, please complete the application form>> and email to our awards administrator: