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Dr Thomas Salinas

Title: “Lowdown on Dental Implants – Which to use, Where, When and Why” 

Implant dentistry has changed the approach to patients that are edentulous and partially dentate. A variety of advanced planning these cases is probably the best approach to preventing complications. Surgical and prosthetic synergy will be illustrated highlighting the collaboration that occurs between treatment teams. A review of specific dental implant systems will be presented to assist clinicians in a selection process.


  • The participant will understand the distinction of macro-retentive properties of dental implants for primary stability.
  • The participant will understand the nuances associated with screw joint stability.
  • The participant will understand the association of specific implant configuration related to specific case indications.

Thomas Salinas is Professor and Chair of Dentistry at the Mayo Clinic, where his time is dedicated to rehabilitation of patients with complex care needs.  He has authored over 90 publications related to prosthodontics and interdisciplinary care.  His research interests are biomaterial behavior and clinical outcome studies. He is program director for advanced prosthodontics and has leadership roles within the clinical practice and department. He is a fellow of the ACP, Past President of AAMP and Fellow of The Academy of Prosthodontics. A native of New Orleans, he was educated at Louisiana State University Health Science Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center.



Thomas Salinas