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Online CPD from the BSSPD

The role of implants in the management of hypodontia patients


'The role of implants in the management of hypodontia patients' by Dr Craig Barclay which is part of the BSSPD's 2013 / 14 webinar programme.

CPD Aims

To define hypodontia and describe its demography, presentation and genetic basis and to review the role of orthodontics and restorative dentistry in endosseous implant rehabilitation of patients. You should be able to identify the principles of restorative and orthodontic management and illustrate their integration, to optimise treatment outcome, understand the role of implants in the management of hypodontia, able to outline restorative and surgical interventions, relevant to the management of hypodontia and be able to appraise an interdisciplinary approach to the management of hypodontia.

  • Cost: £10.00
  • Presenter: Prof Craig Barclay
  • Potential CPD hours: 1.5
  • Categories: Implants

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